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Travel advice when travelling to countries abroad. Up to date travel advice for 225 different countries

Staying Healthy when travelling abroad. General travel advice, driving, travel insurance, health risks

Packing tips

What should I consider when taking out travel insurance?

What vaccinations do I need in a particular country

Hand Luggage restrictions when flying from UK airports

Cabin Baggage sizes & weight restrictions from major UK airlines flying out of the UK

Ski & snowboard restrictions when flying

Renewing your passport. Cost of a new passport, processing time, what is I lose my passport?

Check in times, gate closure for main airlines flying out the UK

Which countries do you need a visa to enter if travelling from the UK?

Security rules at Uk’s major airports







Flying with Phones or Laptops
“New laws regarding mobile phones,laptops when flying to the U.S.

“What are my rights”

1. Your flight is delayed -If flying from or into  a EU airport  or with an EU Airline  the denied Boarding Regulations apply if your flight is delayed by

  • more than 2 hours i Flying under  1500 Kms  
  • more than 3 hours if Flying more than 1500 kms
  • More than 4 hours for Long Haul

2. You are due refreshments & overnight accommodation (if needed) & compensation if the delay was more than 3 hours & not “beyond the airline’s control.”

The Airline loses your bag -Under the Montreal Convention the airline is liable for your bag up to a cap of £950 worth of compensation. You must report a missing of damaged bag at the airport & put the claim in writing within one week. You can only receive compensation if a bag has been lost for more than 21 days.

3. The hotel is poor. If the Hotel is shoddy or does not provide what was advertised (e.g ,location,facilities available etc) you can make a claim under the Supply of Goods and Services Act.

"What can I claim"

Airlines must pay a compensation of between £180 to £430 if you arrive at your destination more than 3 hours after the scheduled time.

The airline can refuse to pay only if the delay was due to an extraordinary circumstance” beyond their control, such as a security threat,industrial action or extreme weather conditions.

You can claim 

  • Less than 1500 kms 250 euros
  • 1500kms to 3500kms 400 euros
  • 3500 kms plus 600 euros

Q When is the best time to book a flight?

  • Fly in the last week of summer holiday
  • If flying to America book 22 weeks in advance
  • Portugal & Spain book 5 to 7 weeks in advance
  • France book 13 weeks in advance


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