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Need to look smart – but hate travelling in a suit?

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Need to look smart – but hate travelling in a suit?




Need to look smart – but hate travelling in a suit?

Fold your suit to the size of a laptop bag – crease free and ready to wear


Coming in the summer of 2017, the unique PLIQO folding garment bag means you need never travel in your suit again. The PLIQO bag is compact, effective, practical and distinctive. This clever little bag enables you to fold and pack your suit, carry it as hand luggage, and unpack it in perfect condition, ready to impress at your meeting or social event.

Classified as a ‘laptop bag’ or ‘handbag’ by major airlines, business and leisure travelers can carry the PLIQO bag onto the plane in addition to an article of conventional carry-on luggage.

When fully open, the PLIQO garment bag’s internal dimensions of 125 cm x 106 cm (49 inches x 42 inches) make it comfortably large enough not just to pack suits, but every kind of formalwear.

An ingenious system, featuring a folding clothes hanger, enables you to pack your suit to the size of a laptop bag without it creasing. When packed, the PLIQO bag measures only 39 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm (16 x 12 x 3 inches) – making it simple to stow the PLIQO bag in every type of cabin bag or case. The result is a bag that's large on the inside and ultra-compact when packed down.

The PLIQO bag will also comfortably fit into many cycle panniers, backpacks, messenger bags and even briefcases, so the morning commute or evening date can be equally hassle free.

Over the past two years, prototypes have been extensively field tested on real business trips, and users’ feedback has been exceptionally positive.
The PLIQO bag’s designer, Patrick Tatham, created this ingenious traveller’s accessory based on his own extensive business travel experience. “I want to be relaxed and comfortable when I’m on the move, not worrying that I will appear in a crumpled suit at the start of my meetings. The PLIQO bag is the solution. That’s why we call it ‘the smartest garment bag in the world’.”

For more information on how the bag works, its benefits and features, please have a look at our website: PLIQO

For more information about the PLIQO bag, please get in touch using the contact details below.

Contact : Patrick Tatham, Director, PLIQO London Ltd
Phone : +44 (0)20 3725 8432
Email : patrick@pliqobag.com



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