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European Leather Goods Alliance (ELGA)

17 February 2017 Return to news listings

European Leather Goods Alliance (ELGA)

It is important for BTAA members to have a platform to discuss and Influence internationally and to facilitate this, the BTAA has joined with other European trade associations to form The European Leather Goods Alliance.

The aims of the Alliance are to create an integrated European leathergoods industry, and to work with relevant EU bodies and related trade associations to influence EU legislation.

Its members are:

Arnaud HAEFELIN, Chairman, FFM, France
Riccardo BRACCIALINI, President, AIMPES, Italy
Fernando GUTIÉRREZ, Executive Director, ASEFMA, Spain
Joao MAIA, Executive Director, APICCAPS, Portugal
Manfred JUNKERT, Chief Managing Director, HDSL, Germany
David NATHAN, Chairman, BTAA, UK

Together, these associations represent some of Europe’s premier leather goods manufacturers.

We had an extremely productive meeting in November with the General Secretary of Cotance, the European Tanneries Association and separately with Snr Corazza who is the EU Commission’s Department Head for Creative Industries. Snr Corazza made it very clear that The Commission not only welcomes, but encourages our Alliance and its involvement in EU harmonisation plans.

As the only officially recognised source of influence for the leather goods industry within the EU, we see this as a great opportunity for the BTAA and its members to have our say and to steer the future of our industry post Brexit.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Brussels (date TBC).

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